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Governor Approves Elko County Plan For Reopening and Bringing Control to Local Governments

Elko County received confirmation from the Governor's Office on Tuesday, April 27, 2021 approving Elko County's Mitigation and Enforcement Plan on COVID and state restrictions.  The plan gives our local governments control of how we now address the restrictions we have lived with for over a year.    Our local cities have the option to  adhere with the plan of the County or can adopt additional mitigation measures or make those implemented by the County be more restrictive.

Our Elko County Mitigation and Enforcement Plan, goes into effect on May 1st and opens all businesses at 100% capacity and removes the social distance restrictions that have been in place.  Businesses regulated by state boards will have to continue to adhere to the standards set by those regulatory bodies.  We still have no authority in the face mask restrictions per the state. 

Elko County’s goal is to balance the priorities of public health and mitigate the long-term effects of COVID-19 on our economy, as well as the loss of intellectual and psychological well-being of our
The plan is driven by the following objectives:
 Protect the vulnerable populations
 Keep students and teachers in in-person learning
 Keep individuals employed
 Encourage businesses to open or stay open

Elko County will continue to share public health messaging regarding the importance of masks, social distancing, and encouraging individuals to be vaccinated through the use of various media platforms, including the Elko County COVID-19 Response Facebook page and the Elko County website. Many organizations such as other public safety departments, Spring Creek Association, Elko Chamber of Commerce, and various public officials continue to share important messaging as well. Communications from Immunize Nevada, NV DPBH, CDC and other public health resources have also been helpful.