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Elko County Honors the 2020 Wounded Hero Project Recipient - Daniel Tingle

The Elko County Commissioners honored Daniel Tingle, Iraq Veteran and Minden, Nevada resident, as the 2020 Wounded Hero Project recipient at their August 5, 2020 meeting.  The Wounded Hero Project, sponsored by the Nevada Guide and Outfitters Association, provides a U.S. military person with a free elk tag and guided week-long Nevada hunting trip during the 2020 fall hunting season.
Daniel had wanted to be a solider in the military as long as he can remember. His Father, Mother, and Grandfather had all been in the Navy prior to Daniel’s arrival. After 9/11 happened it solidified his desire to join the military. Once he graduated from Douglas High School in 2004, he jumped at the chance and he joined the Army. He was sent to basic training in Louisville Kentucky where he finished basic as a Cavalry Scout, in 19 Delta (a combat solider).
After basic training, he was assigned to Fort Carson, Colorado in early 2005.  This is also where he met his wife of 13 years and mother of his 4 children. 
After being stationed in Iraq for 8 months and experiencing 32 different explosions, Daniel was hit by three motor rounds. Two hit his left side, which took out the middle section of his left foot, and one landed on his right side which left shrapnel in his right foot, ankle, and leg.  After he was evaluated, Daniel was diagnosed with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and TBI (traumatic Brain Injury), along with his injuries to his feet. 
Daniel was medically retired from the Army in April of 2009. As the years progressed and he tried to live a normal life, he was limited by the constant pain. In 2014 he went in for his 26th foot surgery which was unsuccessful.  So in December of 2015 Daniel underwent his final surgery to amputate his leg/foot just below the knee.  While the amputation provides its own set of challenges, his limitations have declined and he is now able to enjoy things with less pain. He enjoys his children, hunting, riding horses & riding motorcycles.  
Optics manufacturer Vortex and the Winecup Gamble Ranch in Montello, Nevada, have again enthusiastically jumped on board as project sponsors for the Wounded Hero Project.  Vortex is donating a rifle scope to the designated wounded hero.  The Winecup Gamble Ranch is donating an elk tag as well as lodging for the hunt.   
This project was originally inspired by a NOGA member who wanted to do something meaningful to "give back" to those who have laid their lives on the line to protect our freedom.  This year a Master Guide will guide the veteran on a six-day hunt using their extensive hunting expertise and equipment.