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How is the Road Department funded?    
The Roads Department is funded by gasoline tax only.  At this time it is collected at $.09 per gallon.  The Road Department receives no money from property taxes or vehicle registrations.  In addition, diesel fuel taxes are retained by the State of Nevada and do not contribute to Elko County road maintenance.

Are property taxes or registrations fees used to fund the Road Department?    
The Road Department receives no money from property taxes or registration fees.

I'm thinking about buying property in rural Nevada...will my road be maintained?    
Before considering a property purchase it is always in your best interest to call and find out whether the road is maintained or not.  Many times people have bought property only to find out the road has no maintenance even though they may have been told it does.  If you have school-age children you should call the Elko County School District at (775) 738-4360 (Bus Barn) to see where the bus runs in proximity to your property.

Who decides if a road is maintained, how is a road designated for maintenance, can a road that isn't designated for maintenance be changed to one that is?   
These decisions are made by the Elko County Board of Commissioners through a process of public hearings/meetings.

Why doesn't the County just pave all the roads?    
At this time the cost to pave just one (1) mile of road is approximately $1,000,000.00, so it just isn't financially feasible at this time.

How many miles of roads does the Elko County Road Department maintain?    
We maintain approximately 1,000 miles of roads within the county borders which is the fourth large land mass county in the continential United States.

Are all roads plowed in the winter time? 
Not all county roads are maintained/plowed in the winter.  At our altitude the conditions can be extreme and can change very fast.  Please call before traveling on county roads in the winter...especially if you aren't familiar with the area.

How does the county decide the order in which roads are plowed?    
Please refer to our Elko County Winter Maintenance and Snow Removal Policy for information on winter road maintenance  Keep in mind depending on the amount of snow fall and wind conditions it can take   3 - 4 days to get all the roads in the county plowed.

What is the speed limit on county roads?    
All county roads are 35 miles per hour unless otherwise posted.

How do I get dust suppressant on a road?    
If you are not on the annual schedule for dust suppressant you must request the service by going before the Elko County Commissioners and requesting to be added.  Please note that requests should only be made during the budgeting process which runs from February to April of every year.  Please also keep in mind that the County has limited funds and not every road will qualify for that service.