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Public Guardian

The Elko County Public Guardian (ECPG) serves as guardian, by court appointment, for vulnerable adults aged 18 or older who are unable to manage their personal and/or financial affairs.   ECPG coordinates provision of services; provides informed consents; and protects, preserves, and manages the assets of our protected persons.

A Public Guardian’s services are utilized when:
                *There is no family.
                * Family members are ill, elderly or other circumstance prevent their effective performance.
                * Friends or family have exploited or neglected the person and would not be suitable to

Least restrictive alternatives are always sought before a guardianship is considered.

Guardianship is not an immediate emergency intervention.  If you have suspicions of elder abuse, neglect, or exploitation, please report to one of your local law enforcement agencies. 

Nevada Guardianship Compliance Office - Fraud Hotline 1-833-421-7711