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My child was involved in a delinquent act, what happens now?
Once the department receives the police report from the law enforcement agency who had contact with your child, a juvenile probation officer will contact you to ask some basic questions regarding your son/daughter. You may also be asked to come to the office with your child to complete a formal risk and need assessment.

This assessment is required by statute in certain situations but the department uses it in all referrals to determine the best course of action for your son/daughter’s situation.  Based on the alleged delinquent behavior and the results of the assessment, the juvenile probation officer will discuss with you the intentions of the department going forward.

If the department believes formal court action is appropriate, your child will be assigned an attorney.


What are your business hours?    
Monday - Friday 7:00 a.m. to 6:00  p.m. (Pacific Time)  Closed for lunch from 12:00 noon to 1:00 p.m..

What if I receive a letter from your department to come and meet with a probation officer and the time doesn't work for me, what should I do?    
Call the person that sent the letter and make an appointment that fits your schedule.


If I think my child is being treated unfairly, what are my options?    
You can make a formal complaint in writing and the Assistant Chief Probation Officer will contact you and try and help resolve this issue.

What if I think my child has been drinking or doing drugs, what should I do?    
Call your local law enforcement office and have them come over and take a report.  If you are serious about getting some help, call our office and ask to meet with a probation officer.  He/she will explain your options.


Does it cost me anything to come and have my child drug tested?    
Yes.  We do offer low cost drug tests or you can go to the emergency room at the local hospital to have your child tested.


If my child is required to be involved with the Department, what is my financial obligation for services?
You will not be asked to reimburse or pay for any services required through an informal supervision/supervision consent decree or through Court requirements.  You may be required to reimburse a victim for any financial losses as a result of the adjudicated delinquent act or your child may be ordered to pay a fine.