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Juvenile Probation

It is the mission of the Elko County Juvenile Probation Department to enhance community safety and strengthen families by providing education, treatment, accountability, and personal responsibility to rehabilitate youth through evidence-based intervention services, sanctions, and community supervision.

The Department is dedicated to the development of effective and cost efficient evidence based programming in the areas of prevention and treatment, at the same time protecting the community from delinquent behavior and affording juveniles the opportunity to learn, grow and become responsible for their actions.

Several of the Department offered evidence based education classes are available to all youth of Elko County; not just those formally involved in the system.  We are committed to educating youth in their duties and obligations as lawful and responsible citizens of this community.

The Juvenile Probation Department enforces all lawful Orders of the Court. The Department provides supervision for juvenile offenders and affords opportunities for rehabilitation and individual achievement. The Department is committed to working collaboratively with the Court and the general public to preserve safety, prevent crime, and delinquency, and support the rights of all victims.

The Department is dedicated to protecting the community by reducing the impact of delinquency and crime through persistent victim restitution programs and diligent community services. Youth are accountable to victims and the community through restitution and community service work projects.

The Elko County Juvenile Probation Department is committed to inspiring trust and confidence in the Juvenile Justice System by assisting the Court with the rendition of fair and equal justice to all.  Juvenile Court records are confidential.  Delinquent acts committed by juveniles are civil in nature and not considered criminal acts.