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Collections Division

The Elko County Collections Division works in conjunction with multiple County departments to pursue collections of outstanding debts owed to Elko County and its' respective departments.

The Collection Division works directly with the multiple Municipal and Justice Court Townships through Elko County to collect outstanding court ordered restitutions, fines, fees and penalties, as well as collecting fees for speciality courts like drug court.

The Division also handles the District Attorney "Bad Check Diversion Program" that assists merchants who are unable to collect directly on checks that have been returned from the bank as unpaid.  Also,  the District Attorney's office has transferred all court ordered restitution payments to be paid and processed through the Elko County Collections Division.

Elko County Collections handles "bad" or "old" debt for the Elko County Ambulance Service and does report to the credit reporting agencies.

Payments on any of the above noted debts may be paid in person, by telephone or by mail - click here to see how to pay.  We accept cash, money orders, cashier checks, Visa, Mastercard and debit cards with the Visa or Mastercard logos. 

Click here to learn some interesting facts about the collection process you may need to know.