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Public Notifications and Warnings

Would like to get an app for warning people.

Would like to have people sign up for warnings, Maybe tie something in
with NG 911 and reverser calling!

When a crisis occurs, local public safety officials have three methods to alert the public:

  1. Media press releases written by local government public information officers (PIO) and delivered to local radio, television, newspapers, and government webmasters.
  2. The Emergency Alert System (EAS). This system is described in detail on this website. Messages are rebroadcast on radio and television.
  3. The Reverse Dialing Notification System. This system uses a series of remote computers and telephone lines to relay a recorded message.

While no system can ever be guaranteed to be disaster proof during the chaos of an emergency and unforeseen circumstances can make some modes of communication inoperable. 

By using these three methods local officials make every effort to keep the public informed. Again, Elko County makes no guarantees that you will be notified during an emergency, so we encourage self-reliance. However, by signing up you will be included in the database for emergency notifications.

CITIZENS: If you have an unlisted number, or wish to list your cell phone or work phone for emergency notification, fill out the form on the enrollment page.

We encourage citizens to monitor their preferred media and check with neighbors to stay informed.

Methods we use include, but are not limited to Search and Rescue or First Responders going door-to-door, use of sirens or loud speakers on emergency vehicles, news releases, local TV and radio, internet, social media, the Emergency Alert System (EAS), or Reverse Dialing.