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Self Help Packets - Access to Justice

We are prohibited by law from giving you any legal advice or setting a hearing without a motion and notice to the other party. The Access to Justice Program allows persons to represent themselves in court, while ensuring compliance with law, and giving both sides an opportunity to present their case.
Please read the instructions very carefully before completing the forms.

You are encouraged to seek legal advice concerning the use of the forms prior to completion. The instructions do not contain any legal advice. Should you have any questions, please seek the advice of an attorney.

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Motion to Enforce
This packet allows you to file a motion to enforce an existing court order in your custody or divorce case.

Motion to Modify
This packet allows you to file a motion to modify an existing court order in your custody or divorce case.

Permission to Permit Removal of Children from the State of Nevada
This packet can help you file for permission to move with your children (as primary custodian) from the State of Nevada. 

Motion to Continue Hearing
This packet allows you to file a Motion to Continue Hearing.

Answer and Counterclaim
This packet will enable you to respond to a complaint for divorce.

DUI Diversion Program
DUI Diversion is a treatment program created by Nevada statute for DUI offenders who have been convicted of DUI three times within seven years. Diversion is available only one time and only for the first felony DUI. The program lasts a minimum of three years, but can last up to five years. If a participant successfully completes the program, he/she will be sentenced for a second offense DUI and will not suffer a felony conviction or go to prison. If a participant fails to complete the program successfully, he/she will be convicted of felony DUI and sent to prison.  By law, DUI Diversion participants are responsible for 100% of the costs of their treatment. You will also be placed on probation during your participation in the program. DUI Diversion Program Handbook