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Jury Duty

If you received an Official Jury Questionnaire postcard, please click on the following link:

How is a person selected to receive a jury summons?

In January of each year, the Jury Commissioner selects the potential jurors for the next year.  This is called a Jury Pool.  This process is done randomly by computer drawing from the registered voters and the Department of Motor Vehicles of Elko County.  The jury year begins March 1st of the current year to the last day of February of the next year.  From  the Jury Pool, the Jury Commissioner draws, at random, the number of jurors requested by the District Courts for a particular trial.

What kind of trials can you be called for? 
Criminal (felonies and/or gross misdemeanors) and civil trials.

What happens when you are sequestered?   
A sequestered jury is a group of usually twelve jurors who have been directed by the judge in a case that they will be held in accommodations, away from the news, media and other sources of information that might sway their attention in a case until such time as the trial is over and they have reached a verdict or the jurors determine they are a hung jury.

In the District Court, if a jury is unable to reach a decision by the end of each day, the Court will usually dismiss the jury for the evening and request that the jury return the next day to continue with deliberation.

Why do we get points?    
The point system is used in order that jurors who have been called for service or who had actually served on a jury are not overly burdened by continually being called to serve for the remainder of the jury year.

What about points when a trial is canceled?    
A juror would not receive any points if a jury trial is canceled prior to the actual date of trial.

Jury Summons Hotline
Make sure to check the hotline message to see if you need to appear for jury service.

Jury Hotline  (775) 753-3889 or 753-DUTY 
Jury Hotline Live Voice  (775) 753-3666