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History  & Purpose of Board

On December 2, 2015, the Elko County Commissioners approved the creation of the Elko County Health Board.  Its goal to implement a plan to address the areas of critical health needs by identifying those needs, defining them and establishing the steps to mitigate them. 

Per NRS 439.280, the board shall consist of the Board of County Commissioners, the Sheriff and the County Health Officer.  Identified stakeholders from around the area will be involved to help enhance the cooperation, effective dialog and collaboration to achieve optimum outcomes for all local resources involved. 

During that December meeting, Commissioner Delmo Andreozzi stated that "General health and welfare is critically important to our citizens.  This quality of life standard not only improves our communities, but better positions us for economic development and improves recruitment/retention.  This effort will take time and work before this board finds "our way", but rest assured, together we will succeed.  The time is now that we, as Elko County representatives, take a leadership role in coordinating community health activities and organizations to benefit citizens, families and friends."  His fellow Commissioners agreed unanimously.

The board will meet quarterly during regular Elko County Commission meetings. 

Board of Health Orientation Presentation