Welcome to the Elko County District Attorney's Office




The Elko County District Attorney’s Office represents the citizens of the State of Nevada in prosecuting felony, misdemeanor, and juvenile cases occurring in Elko County. In every case, our office strives to ensure that justice is achieved and that the rights of victims are safeguarded. In addition, our office also provides legal services to the various branches of Elko County government and assists the State of Nevada in providing child support services to the residents of Elko County and Lander County.

Tyler Ingram, District Attorney

Chad Thompson, Chief Criminal Deputy District Attorney

Deputy District Attorney’s
Mark Mills
Rand Greenburg
Jeffrey Slade
Justin Barainca
Daniel Roche
Brea Mitchell
Megan Smith

Office Manager
Carolyn Smith

Assistant Office Manager
Kurri Sullivan

Lead Criminal Caseworker
Carisa Anchondo

Felony Caseworkers
Amanda Waugh
Erika Weber
Tessa Deml

Misdemeanor Caseworkers
Lorena Romero

Shyann Rausch

Civil / Juvenile Caseworker
Tasha Starr

New Crime Caseworkers
Jaime Haynes
Kayla Madrigal

Victim Liaison
Tanya Yell

Georgeann Dalton
Tiffanie Huffman

Child Support Program Manager
Carolyn Smith

Lead Child Support Caseworker
Denice Taylor

Child Support Caseworker
Stacey Walters
Jeanette Rodriguez
Crystal Johnson

Reception / Assistant Caseworker – Child Support
Crystal Wilkie
Tiffanie Huffman